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Today has been one of THOSE days. Life feels a bit overwhelming and a part of me wants to throw a fit like a child in the middle of the grocery store and scream, IT’S NOT FAIR! Instead I journal, process, listen to music, walk, spend time with friends and do my best to find gratitude.

Still, I struggle.

Browsing my Facebook news-feed, I came across a list of questions for a parent to ask a child after a day at school.  When I read the first question, “What made you smile today?” I realized that it really was a good day and the gratitude started pouring out of my heart – overflowing like a refreshing balm that smooths and softens dry chapped skin. The truth is, in the midst of the questions, struggles and frustrations of my heart and mind, I have MUCH for which to be grateful.

Here’s what made me smile today…
Patches of blue sky and the sun shining through my window this morning.
A friend texted me last minute and asked me if I’d like to join her for a walk… no brainer. YES!
I witnessed the shock and surprise of a friend seeing an out of state relative pull into the driveway.
There was NO line at DEQ. Yes, you read that correctly. NO line. I was in an out in ten minutes!
My 17 year old car passed DEQ, thanks to the new sensor thingy that the shop put in yesterday.
It was piano lesson day!
During my piano lesson my teacher encouraged me, saying I did a good job sight reading a new song.
A second walk and more good conversation with a different friend!
The wonder of a little boy in awe of all the “water” we saw on our walk around Salish Ponds.
Realizing that God spoke to my heart through a post helping parents connect with their children. <3

Now, bless me with more smiles by answering this question in the comments…

What made YOU smile today?

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