Emotions sweep over my heart for the umpteenth time today as I take my place on the couch. Although I can’t completely define my feelings, I do know I feel useless.

Being out of commission was nice – for a little while – but after three weeks, I am ready for life to get back to normal again. The problem is, my body especially my wrist is NOT.

A funny thing happens when you smash your wrist apart and have to get pins put in to hold it in place while healing… It hurts. And your fingers don’t work. And you can’t do much of anything with your entire arm. And it is FRUSTRATING!

I’m the girl who likes to move.

Growing up I spent my summers in the swimming pool and climbing trees. As an adult I can’t stand sitting still all day long (I would DIE at a desk job) and I like projects where I dig in with both hands and get to work. But at the moment I can’t even use two hands to put the bath mat on the floor without pain seering through my hand and arm.

I feel useless.

Since I do my best to live a grateful life, I take a step back away from the feelings of overwhelm and helplessness and I remember…

This is temporary.

And the tears of relief start to flow.
The pain will continue to lessen.
The arm will heal.
Life will feel normal again.
This too shall pass.

Remembering that our present trouble or pain is temporary — that eventually somehow, some way, life will feel normal again (albeit a new normal) can help you through the overwhelming moments.
It’s NOT easy.
But it helps.

I am grateful.

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1 thought on “temporary

  1. Hang in there friend. There is a deeper work going on inside that can only be accomplished when forced to be still. You have a receptive heart, so ready to hear these truths. Enjoy it. There is a deep mystery and love in it all!

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