skies alive with beauty

From my living room, I watched as God painted the skies alive this morning.

When I rose from bed the world was still dark and asleep. The dog made her way up the steep stairs of the deck with the help of artificial light. Taking my favorite place on the couch I could see just a peek of the black outdoors through through a crack in the blinds. In a short while I looked up and noticed a streak of faint pink painted across the horizon and eagerly opened the blinds for a front row seat to the show.

God did not disappoint.

Little by little the pink streaks became more brilliant and I could not help but notice the stark contrast made by the tall fir trees in the forefront. As if in a painting, the dark outstretched arms were without movement yet open wide to the heavens, declaring the glory of God. Pink streaks of clouds turned ablaze with salmon-orange and the world seemed to come alive.

As I gazed upon the grand display, I thanked Him for loving me so much that he would bless me with this beautiful gift…

Until an airplane crossed the horizon and I remembered. This gift IS for me. But it is for you as well. God lavishes his love upon us every morning with the miracle of a new day as that fiery globe comes up bringing light to our side of the world, so be grateful!

Maybe today it is difficult to find any gratitude. I understand because I have been there. The good news is, I have plenty so if you need to borrow some from me, take as much as you need! Listed below links that will lead you to a few of my posts listing gratitude. Maybe they will help.

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Today I am grateful for you.    

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