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When I bought four of my favorite kind of puzzles at a garage sale a few weeks ago, I had no idea I would break one of them out before the cold winter weather arrived.

Life happens. Plans change and since I have learned to adjust rather than get angry when things don’t go as planned, I decided to break the monotony of sitting in pain while my broken arm heals from surgery with a puzzle. (Side note… Terri on painkillers is comical. Terri working a puzzle on painkillers is ridiculous. Still… doped up and ready to go, I opened the box and started sorting pieces.) 

Two weeks later a puzzle that would normally take me a day or two to complete is finally coming together. As I’m placing the remaining pieces, I’m thinking about life and how easily it gets out of hand.

These past two weeks I have been forced to stop. Out of boredom I have begun to play. Through play, I am finding myself again.
As my mind wanders around the depths of my heart, I realize yet again what a very important part play has in the life of a person who wants love to be the main thing in their life. I want to be able to love others with my whole heart and unless I take care of my own heart first, I just can’t do it (think oxygen mask on an airplane here).

Play. Kids do it so well. They flit around from experience to experience just having fun. No plan, no time frame, no worries. They just lose themselves in the moment and when they get tired of it they move on to something else.

THAT is what I’ve been doing. Puzzle building, book reading, bird watching, flower gardening, couch sleeping, breeze listening, sun sitting and even a little road trip taking.

No plans.

No time frame.

No reason other than to do what I want to do at the moment.

And my heart is feeling so much fuller.

On the seventh day, God rested.
I wonder if He would translate rest as play in today’s day and age. We plan every moment including, recreational time, which can be fun but the work going into it can be more time consuming and exhausting than the time playing, which kinda defeats the purpose. We rarely allow ourselves to completely “disconnect” from people for fear of missing out. And we often do what someone else wants to do because we want to be liked.

May I make a suggestion?
Disconnect for a day and see what happens. Turn off your phone (or don’t answer unless it’s the babysitter). Do what you want to do. Don’t plan it, in fact… Plan to have absolutely no plan at all.
Try it.

Do it for two or three days if you can, although that’s not realistic for most people. Instead do it once a week for a while. See what happens. Just try.
My guess is, the more you do it the easier it will get.

Just like a puzzle, it takes a while to get the pieces sorted. You work on the easy stuff first. Eventually you get to the more difficult part. But you get there.

I am grateful for the chance to refocus, even though it means a broken arm and surgery.


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