overlooked miracles

Have you ever notice that when you close your eyes, you hear things that you completely miss when your eyes are open?

This morning as I sat down to write my gratitude list, I heard the birds chirping outside and decided to close my eyes. Immediately I was transported into the miraculous world of sound.

The furnace pumping warm air into the room on this chilly morning.

A neighbor’s car starting and rumbling off down the street.

Birds chatting up a storm.

The dog breathing, almost snoring as she sleeps in her favorite spot.

My stomach growling to remind me that it is time for breakfast.

The refrigerator humming busily keeping its contents cold.

A crow’s clamorous, “CAW, CAW, CAW,” angrily interrupting the lovely peaceful quiet.

This morning I am truly grateful and in absolute awe of the miracle of sound and the ability to hear those sounds. It is so easy to get caught up in background noise, and constant movement that an appreciation for the sounds of quiet is overlooked.

We overlook the simple miracles.

Take a moment today — no matter how busy you are to stop close, your eyes and simply listen. Then (if you can spare another moment) share the miracles you heard in the comments below so that I can listen for them too!

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