offer hope 

It’s one of THOSE mornings when my mind is going twenty different directions and gratitude is difficult…
I’m frustrated because there is pain and sorrow in this world.
Bad things happen.

Accidents and illnesses
Physical injuries
Relationships struggles
Emotional injuries

People around me are hurting in many different ways and there’s little to nothing I can do about it.

That is frustrating.
In addition to choosing gratitude today I am choosing to offer HOPE.
My son was in a car accident last night – news that no mother wants to hear.

While I am truly am grateful that he walked away from the scene without major injuries, it is also disappointing to this momma’s heart because I know how hard he has worked to purchase and pay off that car. Not to mention the paperwork headache of dealing with insurance and making sure he is compensated for the damage and any lingering medical issues.
It makes my heart ache.
As a recovering control freak, I am faced with a decision. I could hover and push and do all of the things that need to be done (which might be nice for him but won’t help in the long run) or I can stand alongside offering my HOPE and encouragement to him as he does it on his own.
I’m faced with the same type of choice when it comes to friends whose hearts are aching from relationship struggles. The control freak in me wants to be there for those people constantly doing anything and everything I possibly can to help their pain subside. The truth is, I can’t make the pain go away. They have to go through it. Instead, I get to come alongside those friends and offer my love, encouragement and HOPE for the future.
Choose gratitude.

Offer HOPE.
Seems like a pretty good way to live life.




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