not grateful

Sometimes bad things things happen.
When my husband left at 6:45 this morning for his early meeting, I was journaling happily, my heart and mind in a place of peace and contentment as I focused on the advent of the season.
And then the garage door opened and I heard, “Someone ransacked my truck last night!”
Immediately the peace and contentment were replaced with feelings of insecurity and violation.

I was NOT grateful…

But I started looking for gratitude in the situation.

I am grateful that there was no damage done to the truck (besides some water damage due to the door being left open). A knife and other tools were taken, which could have been used to do massive amounts of damage to the inside and outside of the vehicle.
I am grateful no one was hurt.
I am grateful we have a second vehicle that my husband can drive to his meeting today.

Sometimes I fear coming across to others as a “Pollyanna.” Not so long ago, I would have seen the current me as a complete F-A-K-E! Which is why I’m writing this post.

Being grateful doesn’t mean you have to be happy about a situation. Being grateful is about finding the positive in life even when circumstances aren’t great.

I am grateful.

Are you?



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2 thoughts on “not grateful

  1. I am sorry about Todd’s truck, I hate that feeling that someone uninvited has touched your things, and in your safe zone, your own yard. I think as we get older it really is a daily choice, do I want to wake up and get the best I can out of this day or what can happen to me now kind of day. I have someone close that always chooses the later. That is how I decided that is not how I want the world to see me, that is not what I want my first impression or my 100th impression to be. Let us choose to be Grateful, count our blessing’s even when some days those blessing’s we are having to reach way down for. I love this attitude and that you share it so willingly. It is contagious and how wonderful will our world be if more people choose to find the good in the worst of situations. That is how I choose to live my life. 🙂 xoxoxox

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