holy anxiety 

Yesterday I was asked if I thought there is ever a “holy anxiety.” 

My first thought was, “No! Anxiety is sin and not trusting God.”And then I remembered Jesus the night before He was crucified. Without a doubt he was anxious.


Hannah – I had just reread her story that morning. She cried out in agony to God about her childlessness. I think she was feeling anxious. 

So what made their anxiety different? What made their anxiety not sin? I think the answer is that in their anxiety, they went to God and spoke their true feelings and begged for their situations to be different. Come what may, they were honest and trusted God to do whatever He saw fit for the situation. 

Then they let “it” happen. 

After speaking her peace, Hannah was able to let the sadness lift from her heart and eat again, changing her outlook on life, changing her story of despair into one of joy.

Jesus, after a night without sleep and full of prayer, was able to let go and allow what was to come. He changed the story for all of humanity from one of despair into one of hope. 

My prayer is that when I experience anxiety, I would be able to be honest with God about the feelings, and then let Him change me – whether I like the situation or not. In my experience, (although not necessarily immediate) this changes the anxiety into joy and a hope for the future. 

I am grateful. 

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