gratitude is a verb

Given my forty-nine years of life, I haven’t been living with LOVE as an action for long. Before that, I didn’t realize what love was.  A VERB. I said the word and heard the word but the experience of love was lost to me.  People throw the word love around like it is just some idea to be believed.  But that’s not how love works.

Although it is common to hear the phrase, “love is a verb,” I wonder how many people actually know what that means. Loving people is about so much more than saying the words, “I love you.”  It’s about treating people with the kindness and respect they deserve.  It’s about learning their love language and speaking their language to them when it is safe and appropriate.  It’s about treating people with the value, the inherent value they have just because they are a human being. It is an action and the action of love speaks VOLUMES over the words “I love you.”

Same goes for gratitude.

As I strive to live a grateful life, it becomes frustrating when I find myself or others trying to convince people that gratitude will change their lives.  Don’t get me wrong… Gratitude can and DOES change a person’s life. I just don’t want to be the person on the sidelines repeating over and over, “Just be thankful.”

Gratitude isn’t easy – especially on the hard days (although it does get easier with practice).

Gratitude isn’t just an idea to be talked about.

Gratitude is a verb.  Action must be taken in order for true thankfulness to set in and become part of one’s heart and life.  So, instead of nagging you to “just be grateful and your life will get better,” I have some practical ideas for how to get started in the practice of gratitude. Just like it takes the discipline of choosing to eat healthy food and getting exercise in order to keep your body fit, it takes a daily discipline of intentionally finding things to be thankful for in your life in order to find peace through gratitude.

My heart’s desire is to help people develop a grateful life.  Check out my get started with gratitude  page for some of my ideas.

I’m truly grateful for you and the opportunity to humbly share some of the things that have worked for me on my gratitude journey.


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