don’t miss the miracle

Looking up from my journal and out the window, I couldn’t help but gasp. The vivid pink hues on the horizon took my breath away! Impossible to peel my eyes away from the scene before me, I adjusted myself on the couch for a better view.  Before I knew it, it was over and the sky returned to the white cloud cover we are so accustomed to here in the Pacific Northwest. Pondering the brevity of this miracle, I couldn’t help but wonder how many other miraculous moments are missed each day as the hustle and bustle of the world consumes our lives.

Late Saturday night I planted some Wheat Grass seeds in glass containers for some simple spring decor.  By Sunday afternoon, we could see tiny roots reaching down into the soil. Monday morning sprouts had emerged from below the soil and by evening they were half an inch tall!  Last night as my husband and I sat visiting in the living room we wondered how much they would grow by morning. Our estimate of another half in was WAY off. Today some of the sprouts are a full inch taller than they were last night! How easy it would have been to miss this miracle if we had not intentionally stopped to look at these little decorations each day.

Intentionality. My definition of this word is, the act of purposely slowing down in order to actually experience life (people, places and things) and moments that we otherwise miss.

For example, when I hold my husband’s hand I try to think about the miracle that he is as a human being. Even if I am mad at him, the warmth of his skin reminds me that he has thoughts, feelings,  experiences, hurts and joys — just like me. It brings connection.

When I take a walk outside I touch trees, smell flowers, take a closer look at growing plants, look up at the sky and even stop to just simply feel my heart beating inside my chest.

When I am in a loud, people-filled room (NOT my favorite place to be) I do my best to do things like look at the faces of the people around me, listen to the background music and notice any laughter that might be occurring. Even when I don’t like my surroundings, it is possible to find miracles. Music is a miracle. Laughter is a miracle. Voices are a miracle. The mere fact that I can hear these things is a miracle.

I don’t want to miss these miracles!   

Maybe intention is the beginning of gratitude. Will you join me on this journey of slowing down and seeing a miracle today?

Share the miracles you witness in the comments below so I can look for them too, and thanks for reading!

PS Don’t for a minute think I have this all figured out… I simply do my best each day to intentionally find at least a few moment of intention in order to live a lovelier life.

I Choose Gratefulness.


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