grateful is not always easy

Sometimes I don’t want to choose grateful. Take last night, for example.  My throat was burning, my eyes were itching and my house was 78 degrees inside. The night air was cool and I wanted to keep the windows open, get some fans running and enjoy the fresh cool air as it poured into the […]

a beautiful struggle

Reading the story of David and Goliath, it all seems so simple… He used the tools and skills that God had developed in him over the years and he had faith that in the end everything would turn out okay. But was it really that easy? In hindsight, the obstacles in life can sometimes seem […]

holy anxiety 

Yesterday I was asked if I thought there is ever a “holy anxiety.”  My first thought was, “No! Anxiety is sin and not trusting God.”And then I remembered Jesus the night before He was crucified. Without a doubt he was anxious. AND  Hannah – I had just reread her story that morning. She cried out […]

overlooked miracles

Have you ever notice that when you close your eyes, you hear things that you completely miss when your eyes are open? This morning as I sat down to write my gratitude list, I heard the birds chirping outside and decided to close my eyes. Immediately I was transported into the miraculous world of sound. […]

don’t miss the miracle

Looking up from my journal and out the window, I couldn’t help but gasp. The vivid pink hues on the horizon took my breath away! Impossible to peel my eyes away from the scene before me, I adjusted myself on the couch for a better view.  Before I knew it, it was over and the […]

offer hope 

It’s one of THOSE mornings when my mind is going twenty different directions and gratitude is difficult… I’m frustrated because there is pain and sorrow in this world. Bad things happen. Accidents and illnesses Physical injuries Relationships struggles Emotional injuries People around me are hurting in many different ways and there’s little to nothing I […]

not grateful

Sometimes bad things things happen. When my husband left at 6:45 this morning for his early meeting, I was journaling happily, my heart and mind in a place of peace and contentment as I focused on the advent of the season. And then the garage door opened and I heard, “Someone ransacked my truck last […]

skies alive with beauty

From my living room, I watched as God painted the skies alive this morning. When I rose from bed the world was still dark and asleep. The dog made her way up the steep stairs of the deck with the help of artificial light. Taking my favorite place on the couch I could see just […]

healing hearts

Today I am grateful for…A husband who is willing to stay with me… Even when things aren’t exactly as he might want them to be. A true proposal… A request to spend the rest of our lives together, an offer of his heart and request for mine. A stunning heirloom ring that shows me he […]

am i racist?

I’m not much of a current events follower. I try to be informed about what’s going on in the world but truth be told, I’m not very good at keeping up. This past week however, it was nearly impossible to not know what was happening. Facebook was inundated with videos and conflict over black lives […]