intentional gratitude

There are times when it is difficult to be grateful. Life gets crazy. Stuff happens. People get sick.  Jobs become stressful.  Hearts break. Loves ones die. Natural disasters happen. Physical pain overwhelms and cripples the body. Violence breaks loose. Relationships struggle or are severed. Or maybe it’s just been a really difficult week. All of […]

when your ducks don’t line up

Finally. The excuses have run out and I am finally taking action. Back in December I started my official website, the one I had been wanting to create for way too long using my name as the URL and that would not have any advertising (unless I were to choose to advertise). I sought and received […]

facing difficulty

I’m climbing. It’s a huge crag, one that takes learned skill – training, practice and experience – before climbing. This is the crux point, the toughest place on the climb where I have to muster up every ounce of strength to trust my training and ability in order to keep going. Soon it will get […]

be refreshed

Grateful this morning for a pretty little front yard where I can sit on a bench in the sunshine while watching and listening to the birds. A mourning dove coos softly. The water in the pond trickles from one level to the next. The sparrows and chickadees flit from the fence to the feeder, chirping playfully. […]

love it or hate it

There are two kinds of people when it comes to April Fools’ Day. Those who love it… Those who hate it. Those who love it are great at coming up with pranks and even better at pulling them off. It’s an art, really. And it’s totally fun to see these pranksters in action as long […]