not grateful

Sometimes bad things things happen. When my husband left at 6:45 this morning for his early meeting, I was journaling happily, my heart and mind in a place of peace and contentment as I focused on the advent of the season. And then the garage door opened and I heard, “Someone ransacked my truck last […]

skies alive with beauty

From my living room, I watched as God painted the skies alive this morning. When I rose from bed the world was still dark and asleep. The dog made her way up the steep stairs of the deck with the help of artificial light. Taking my favorite place on the couch I could see just […]

gratitude is a verb

Given my forty-nine years of life, I haven’t been living with LOVE as an action for long. Before that, I didn’t realize what love was.  A VERB. I said the word and heard the word but the experience of love was lost to me.  People throw the word love around like it is just some […]

healing hearts

Today I am grateful for…A husband who is willing to stay with me… Even when things aren’t exactly as he might want them to be. A true proposal… A request to spend the rest of our lives together, an offer of his heart and request for mine. A stunning heirloom ring that shows me he […]

am i racist?

I’m not much of a current events follower. I try to be informed about what’s going on in the world but truth be told, I’m not very good at keeping up. This past week however, it was nearly impossible to not know what was happening. Facebook was inundated with videos and conflict over black lives […]


Emotions sweep over my heart for the umpteenth time today as I take my place on the couch. Although I can’t completely define my feelings, I do know I feel useless. Being out of commission was nice – for a little while – but after three weeks, I am ready for life to get back […]

puzzle play

When I bought four of my favorite kind of puzzles at a garage sale a few weeks ago, I had no idea I would break one of them out before the cold winter weather arrived. Life happens. Plans change and since I have learned to adjust rather than get angry when things don’t go as […]

intentional gratitude

There are times when it is difficult to be grateful. Life gets crazy. Stuff happens. People get sick.  Jobs become stressful.  Hearts break. Loves ones die. Natural disasters happen. Physical pain overwhelms and cripples the body. Violence breaks loose. Relationships struggle or are severed. Or maybe it’s just been a really difficult week. All of […]

when your ducks don’t line up

Finally. The excuses have run out and I am finally taking action. Back in December I started my official website, the one I had been wanting to create for way too long using my name as the URL and that would not have any advertising (unless I were to choose to advertise). I sought and received […]

facing difficulty

I’m climbing. It’s a huge crag, one that takes learned skill – training, practice and experience – before climbing. This is the crux point, the toughest place on the climb where I have to muster up every ounce of strength to trust my training and ability in order to keep going. Soon it will get […]