attitude is everything

I’m not a fan of the cliché, “attitude is everything.” For years I thought there must be something wrong with me because I couldn’t just “decide” to have a better attitude. It may have looked like it on the outside but in truth, on the inside I was in turmoil because I couldn’t control people and situations. It has taken lots of time and loads of work but here is what I have learned…

Attitude is everything, and GRATITUDE is a valuable tool that must be utilized in order to adjust it.

When I am feeling critical and frustrated about anything I try to find things for which to be grateful in that specific situation. For example, when I get tired of the dark rainy wintery days we have here in the PNW I look to the hills where lush green forests thrive, the huge flowing rivers and the general beauty of this place. I appreciate the fact that I can water flowers in the yard during summertime without drought restrictions and I ponder the food that is grown in abundance all around me. Bringing these positive aspects of dark rainy days to mind doesn’t make the clouds go away but it does change my mindset to one of appreciation for those clouds.

It’s impossible to control people or circumstances but it IS possible to control myself and gratitude is the best tool I’ve found for getting my attitude back on track. Give it a try and let me know how it works out!

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