Sometimes I try to be who other people think I should be…
But that just won’t work for me.
I am hippie skirts and bracelets,
     scarves and crazy curly hair.
I am dancing and hiking and walking.
I am outdoors…
Tall fir trees, white sandy beaches,
     sunshine on my shoulders and the sound of moving water.
I am the scent of daffodils on a fresh spring morning
     and the hot, steamy scent of the first rain after a long, dry summer.
I am towering snow-capped mountains
     and sun-parched, red desert rock.
I am music…
Catchy, lighthearted classical guitar
     and the deep, rich brass of the big bands from Grandma’s day.
I am singing my heart out in praises to God, my King.
I am writer…
Writing thoughts, feelings and ideas to share with anyone who will hear.
I am risk-taker,
     honesty seeker.
     heart listener,
     and commitment keeper.
I am gratitude searcher, finding reasons to give thanks
even on the most difficult days.
I am eternity worker.
Beloved daughter of the King. HE made me.
I am me.
NOT who anyone thinks I should be.
I am free.

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